There are far too many NHL players skating with welts in their backs put there by Chris Pronger to readily figure out which one is sticking the pins in the No. 20 doll.

After injuries to the back, wrist, eye and now a second knee in two seasons, our theory is this can't be one Pronger hater working alone. But the Flyers have better things to do now than to hunt them down or to cry over spilled milk, especially the way they curdled last season without him.

They went 9-4-0 between Dec. 18 and Jan. 18 as Pronger's foot healed, but only 6-4-6 from March 10 to April 9, while his wrist mended. The difference between the Flyers in Game 7, when Pronger played a regular shift and they put away Buffalo with relative ease, and after he went up the runway for good late in Game 1 of the sweep by Boston was palpable.