The ice on which Ilya Bryzgalov has been standing in goal for the Flyers has developed some cracks.

Despite a solid endorsement from club chairman Ed Snider in late March, followed by a more tepid one in May, the Flyers have begun an internal discussion on whether to add Bryzgalov to the two compliance buyouts this summer, according to sources within the team.

It’s been a fait accompli that Danny Briere, because of his $6.5 million cap hit, would be an automatic buyout because the cap is nose-diving for 2013-14.

Going into the offseason the Flyers seemed opposed to using a buyout on Bryzgalov. Since then, the discussions on him indicate a climate change, though no final decision has been made.

Snider was among Bryzgalov’s biggest fans -- even before he signed -- and has been in his corner since.

“I don't think Bryzgalov has been the problem,” Snider said on March 30. “I mean, he's had to face so many breakaways and 2-on-1s where we turn over the puck suddenly. I think it's the team. I think we're fine in goal.”

In a May interview with the Philadelphia Inquirer, Snider said he still believed in the Russian netminder, who has more detractors than friends in the dressing room. asked Snider this week about multiple internet and Twitter reports suggesting a change in the organization where Bryzgalov would now be bought out.

“Ask Paul [Holmgren],” Snider replied.

During the Flyers' “breakup day” in late April, Holmgren, the Flyers’ general manager, backed his goalie, saying he had “a good year.”

Holmgren could not be reached for comment.

One Flyers source said there is genuine debate on the eccentric goalie, but the club still hasn’t made a call.

Another added that the decision will likely rest on whether certain events occur before the draft. The Flyers are hoping for a long Stanley Cup Final between Boston and Chicago to give them additional time before committing to a decision, the source said.

The Flyers have long kept an eye on LA Kings backup goalie Jonathan Bernier. Yet before buying out Bryzgalov, they would have to have assurances with the Kings or another club on trading for a goalie.