There are 30 teams in the NHL that are dealing with the challenges of a shortened season. That’s why there aren’t any excuses being made by coach Kevin Dineen about the results of his Panthers.

Right now, it’s all about what kind of work is going to make the team better during a rough four-game losing stretch. He’s drawing similarities between another South Florida team that made enough of a lockout to win a championship.

“It gets back to what [Heat] coach [Erik] Spoelstra said about his lockout last year,” Dineen said at the Panthers’ practice Wednesday. “When he looked at his schedule, he really had eight days to work out during the course of the season with full practices.”

The Panthers made good use of their Monday session to focus on the basics. They turned out 39 shots against the Tampa Bay Lightning in a disheartening loss the following night.

Before taking off to Boston to face the Bruins (fourth in the Eastern Conference), Florida squeezed in a Wednesday lunch-date practice at Iceplex (one of few that Dineen calls “precious time’’).