Toronto Blue Jays third baseman Brett Lawrie was not in the lineup for the fourth straight game on Wednesday, and may not play Thursday afternoon.

Blue Jays manager John Farrell says Lawrie injured his rib when he flipped over the railing into the photographer's well at Yankee Stadium last month. Lawrie said that's not the reason he isn't playing.

Farrell was asked if the hard-charging Lawrie would ever have the chance to play 155 games in a season. "He'll learn surroundings of ball parks, he runs hard through first base and shuts down within two strides. That's a tremendous amount of jarring," Farrell said. "We've talked about taking longer to slow down."

Farrell said Dustin Pedroia plays the same way, "Dustin plays hurt, plays 100%, goes all out all the time. No one ever tried to dial him down."

Lawrie said doctors have told him it is his 12th rib which is causing him the problems and he has injured his quads before playing soccer.