Goalie Marc-Andre Fleury concedes it is about time he won 40 regular-season games again for the Penguins.

"It was so early when it happened that I thought, 'Oh, I can do this again soon, yeah,' " Fleury said of the 2006-07 campaign, his first as the clear go-to goalie, that ended with 40 victories.

"It's been a little while now, and we've had great teams. So that's the goal."

A year ago Sunday marked the low point of his professional hockey life. Pulled after allowing two goals on five shots in fewer than seven minutes during a start at Phoenix on Nov. 6, 2010, Fleury looked like a lost goalie — and the Penguins looked like a franchise contractually tied to an emotionally wrecked starter for the next four-plus seasons.

But in the past 65 regular-season games, Fleury has allowed two or fewer goals in 43 contests.