The Calgary Flames have made a decision on Jarome Iginla and will call a news conference early next week to announce their plans moving forward.

OK, OK, so perhaps that's being a tad dramatic.

But drama is exactly what the Flames want desperately to avoid when it comes to never-ending talk of Iginla's future with the club.

"We determined internally the first day of camp we're going to address that right off the hop and ask Jarome to do the same," said Flames GM Jay Feaster of his captain who has just one year left on his five-year, US$35-million contract.

"We want to make sure everybody (in the media) is there, address it all at that time, and then neither party will talk about it again. Will that stop questions in Detroit and Colorado about it? No, but in saying that, it gives Jarome the ability to say he's sorry but he already addressed it and won't talk about it."

Feaster, obviously, has every intention of trying to re-up the most popular player in franchise history, and Iginla went on record for the 700th time Monday insisting he wants to stay here and win here. Yet, he made no move to start negotiations last summer.

Obviously, the concern on Iggy's part is whether he can indeed do both (stay AND win), which is why he will likely spend the bulk of this season observing whether the franchise is indeed moving in the right direction before he decides his own fate.

Feaster confirmed Wednesday he has yet to talk contract with Iginla's agent Don Meehan even though GMs have the green light to discuss such issues before the players ratify the CBA this weekend.

"All things in due course," said Feaster, pointing out he and Meehan both have plenty more pressing issues on their plate right now.

"Jarome has a contract. Donnie and I will sit down and proceed to see if we can get something done. In the meantime, we have a season to get ready for."