No way could there be any talk of moral victories.

No chance the Calgary Flames could speak of near misses, bad breaks or a determined effort coming up shy.

Not in the manner with which they were thumped 5-2 by the Winnipeg Jets on Thursday night.

So often this season, even amidst some of the defeats during this franchise-record seven straight home-ice losses — all in regulation — they could at least hold their chins high for giving their all.

On this night, everything could be questioned, especially the defensive play that allowed the Jets to look like the Harlem Globetrotters seemingly with every tally.

“It’s pretty tough to generate energy when you give the first two goals,” head coach Bob Hartley said. “They’re two gifts, two gifts that we covered this afternoon in our team meeting. They were bad coverage right in front of our net.

“In the NHL, if you let guys get great shots right from 10, 15 feet away from the net, you’re looking for trouble. Obviously, with the way that we’ve played here in the past games, our confidence is very fragile and you put yourself down 2-0 just after a few minutes, we made it tough on ourselves.”