Either Miikka Kiprusoff’s injured knee is worse than the club has let on or the Calgary Flames made a highly questionable move by plucking career backup Joey MacDonald off waivers Monday.

Leland Irving obviously agrees, turning a mid-morning slap in the face into a 65-minute reminder there was no need to waste a valuable contract on the 33-year-old career backup who hasn’t played since mid-March due to a bulging disc.

Sure, if Irving was struggling or Kiprusoff’s sprained MCL wasn’t improving, the acquisition of MacDonald might make sense.

Then again, the Flames haven’t even given one of the AHL’s hottest goaltenders — recent signee Danny Taylor — a looksee, and have evidently decided he’s not worthy of it anytime soon.

Slack-jawed reporters who walk around the Dome looking lost at the best of times were particularly confused Monday, left only to speculate GM Jay Feaster had something else up his sleeve.

Head coach Bob Hartley might have thought the same thing, too.

“What does it mean? We don’t know, but Jay will address the situation later on today,” shrugged Hartley, less than an hour after McDonald was acquired.

Feaster chose not to shed any light on his rationale, refusing interviews and promising to speak instead at 10 a.m. Tuesday.

His silence only served to further speculation he was working on trading one of his goaltenders, as if there was any market at all for anyone outside of Kiprusoff.

You’d hope management had a talk with all the goalies involved sometime during the day, as Irving had a rare home start to prepare for and Taylor, well, he was completely in the dark.

The poor guy doesn’t even have a stall in the dressing room anymore, relegated instead to the front of the classroom, under the whiteboard where he has been given a steel blue chair to sit on and an old cabinet to adorn with his equipment. He doesn’t even have a nameplate, which generally makes for a nice souvenir at the very least.

“Who’d they pick up?” Taylor asked an empathetic scribe after the morning skate.