During his first full practice in more than a month Michael Cammalleri was unloading one-timers.

It was hard to tell from afar whether the Calgary Flames veteran who has been out of action since suffering a hand or wrist injury in the first pre-season game was unloading with the old R1 just hitting a hybrid-iron on those drives.

“What did it look like to you guys?” the Flames winger asked which probably isn’t the best idea since most sportswriters couldn’t break a pane of glass with a slapper if they could even hit it.

Cammalleri feels he’s healthy enough to play but he can only hope he’ll receive the medical OK and coach’s green light to get back into NHL action in Monday’s clash against the Los Angeles Kings.

“I don’t know what the coaches want to do and the trainers want to do as far as return to play but it felt really good (Sunday) — as good as it can feel” Cammalleri said after the practice. “We’ll see what they say.”

As for the immediate assessment from the Flames head coach Bob Hartley says he’ll take a wait-and-see approach.

“Cammy did very well in practice. (Monday) morning we’re going to see again” Hartley said. “I think he should be a game-time decision.”

The Flames have a few decisions to make.