Despite a 70-game season — yet again — and all the wear and tear which came with it, Miikka Kiprusoff insists he feels healthy as a horse right now.

Make that healthy as a workhorse.

Oh sure, there have been days when the 35-year-old Calgary Flames netminder has felt the aches which come with age — and he sure looked run down in the last month — but Kiprusoff says the heavy grind didn't take a toll on him with injuries or anything like that because he's taken better care of himself in the past year.

"All the little things old guys have to do," he said with a wry grin.

"I feel good. I felt pretty good through the whole year. I did something different. I did work quite a bit more off-ice and try to stay off the ice more than I used to, and that felt good.

"I'm OK — no injuries. And in that way, it was good."

That's good news because the Flames are facing a rebuilding process and there doesn't appear to be a No. 1 goalie waiting in the wings to replace the club's standout netminder.

Therefore, the reliance on Kiprusoff will likely remain very high in the future.

However, the possibility exists — even if it's small — he and the Flames may part ways.