Eight minutes into the first period of a game few could possibly care about, all eyes turned to the Flames Energy Board that so often featured the ever-popular Dancing Iggy.

On it the Calgary Flames took advantage of the TV timeout by running a one-minute video tribute to the longtime face of the franchise, departed captain Jarome Iginla.

Every single Flames player looked up to watch.

What followed was a stirring ovation that saw Dome faithful standing for well over a minute.

The players stood with them, tapping their sticks on the boards in a moment of time Flames fans wished could last forever.

Mike Cammalleri felt the same way, so as the linesman punctuated the commercial break, the associate captain asked the official to hold off another 30 seconds to let the ovation continue.

He obliged.

And then, like a Brian McGrattan haymaker, the gathering was snapped back to reality as play resumed on a Columbus Blue Jackets-Calgary Flames tilt only a player's parent could truly be invested in.