Hey, everybody loves a snow day.

The Calgary Flames especially love the fluffy white stuff after Sunday’s 4-2 victory over the Vancouver Canucks.

Needing a victory to snap their latest losing skid, the Flames were given every advantage they could possibly ask for amidst the snow storm which besieged the city until mid-day.

The Canucks, already having played the night before, couldn’t make their trip over the Rocky Mountains immediately after beating the Los Angeles Kings Saturday night because of an icy runway in Calgary.

Then, because the snowfall caused havoc at the airport until around 2 p.m., the Canucks couldn’t arrive at the Saddledome until a couple of hours before puck drop.

The hosts simply made the most of the situation.

“We just didn’t want to hear you guys talking about it forever and ever: ‘They came in six minutes before the game,’ ” teased Michael Cammalleri, who scored twice in the win. “Hey, it’s a tough circumstance for them. You’ve got to give some respect to their team. They came out with pretty good jump for a team that had to go through what they went through. To be honest, that’s what you expect from them. They’re a pretty good hockey team.

“We were able to try and keep pushing it in the third and try and wear them down a bit.”