Sven Baertschi has always had all the tools.

As it turns out, the Calgary Flames rookie was just missing the hard-hat.

Baertschi was devastated when he was sent to the AHL in early March.

When he was recalled earlier this month, he said he arrived in Calgary determined to add a little sandpaper to his game.

"When I came up, I was excited," Baertschi said. "I knew I had a lot to make up for and I had to prove something.

"I came up and switched my game a little. I wanted to play hard and gritty.

"I know I can score goals and make plays, but there's other parts of the game that I had to learn and Bob (Hartley) and the assistant coaches really helped me."

It hasn't been an easy freshman campaign for the 20-year-old.

But he insists he's becoming a better player because of the struggles he's had to endure.

"Because I'm so young, maybe I don't understand certain things," he said. "But it all makes sense after awhile.

"You think, 'why does he want me to do that.' Then it clicks and it makes sense.

"So, I've made a lot of progress in other parts of my game and that was the most important part for me -- to be a complete player."

The Swiss youngster snapped his unlucky streak of 13 games without a goal, picking up his first of the season in Edmonton on the weekend.

He followed that up with another goal the next time out against the Minnesota Wild.

"I came in with a different mindset of 'I want to make sure I'm not getting scored on,' " Baertschi said. "The goals are going to come, and it did come in Edmonton. A little late, but it came. And the next night, the next one came.

"That's something you can't teach -- having that scoring touch. You've just got it or you don't.

"I feel like I have that scoring touch in me. As soon as you get one, you get that comfortable feeling. That's what I've got now."