Neither quarterback in Super Bowl XLVII was considered good enough to make the Pro Bowl. Because of injuries, the NFC went six quarterbacks deep in filling out its Pro Bowl roster, while the AFC needed four. ¶ Neither Baltimore Ravens veteran Joe Flacco nor San Francisco 49ers phenom Colin Kaepernick was among those 10 quarterbacks. ¶ Yet they will meet today in a fascinating quarterback showdown of "how it always has been" and "what might be to come" when the Ravens play the 49ers for the title. ¶ Flacco would have been the prototypical quarterback in the 1970s. He's a clean-cut, classic drop-back passer who stands in the pocket and scans a defense. ¶ Kaepernick is a hip, tattooed marvel with a devastating combination of mobility and accuracy, skills maximized by a slick offensive scheme that could revolutionize the game.

"Teams are going to be looking for both styles of quarterback," Pro Football Hall of Fame cornerback Mike Haynes said. "The game is big enough to have both styles. ¶ "But you see it picking up in college and high school. You see more teams looking for that mobile quarterback and coaches getting educated by it. There will be a wave into this sport for sure, but not all

quarterbacks are going to be able to do that."

Flacco has a tried-and-true style similar to Tom Brady's and Aaron Rodgers'. The Ravens have gone to the playoffs in each of Flacco's five seasons.