In the ongoing debate about who qualifies as an elite NFL quarterback, the words "Super Bowl" come up far too often. If ranking quarterbacks was based merely on a Super Bowl ring, Trent Dilfer would be the standard others strive to reach and Dan Marino would be the punch line they look to avoid.

But there is something to be said in sports about athletes who win games when the most is on the line. That's where Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan come in.

Let me preface this with: If Matt Ryan was on the Baltimore Ravens and Joe Flacco was on the Falcons, there's a good possibility that Ryan would have gone to three conference championships and a Super Bowl in his first five seasons and Flacco would be sitting at home with a 1-4 playoff record.

But NFL postseasons are about quarterbacks and how they react to situations. While it's true the Ravens historically have succeeded largely because of their defense (see: Dilfer), Flacco has evolved into that rare athlete who seems to get better when the stagelights gets hotter. He is the first NFL quarterback in history to win at least one playoff game in each of his first five seasons and already has eight postseason wins -- including, remarkably, six on the road.