Will he, or won't he?

That is the question Thunder fans are asking about Sam Presti as the NBA's trading deadline approaches.

Will the Thunder general manager swing a trade, or will he stand pat and see an already championship-caliber roster through the finish line?

One report over the weekend indicated that Oklahoma City is actively searching for help on the perimeter to bolster its roster for a title run.

But as has been the case with the Thunder, there are several complications to completing a deal.

The most significant is the team's proximity to the tax threshold. Oklahoma City is determined to avoid exceeding the tax this season in an effort to delay the start of the clock on the repeater tax. That obstacle could limit the Thunder to targeting only players making approximately $3 million or less.

Another important factor is the quality of the current roster. The Thunder is the best team in basketball, bulldozing teams while building a 43-12 record. Short of a blockbuster — which is unlikely — few available players figure to come in and crack the Thunder's rock-solid rotation. There simply aren't enough minutes to go around. Talented young players like Perry Jones III and Steven Adams already must claw to get on the court.

Last but not least, the Thunder is set to make the best addition any team can possibly make at the deadline — Russell Westbrook. The star point guard is on the verge of rejoining the lineup, possibly as early as Thursday against Miami, following a 30-game absence. His return will immediately strengthen the Thunder's starting five, as well as its bench because Reggie Jackson will return to his reserve role.

All told, it's unlikely the Thunder will do anything of substance for the third straight year. Still, there are reasons to believe OKC could agree to something smaller.