On the road again. Just can’t wait to get on the road again.

Hmmm … maybe the Calgary Flames probably aren’t singing Willie Nelson’s classic tune, but that’s what they’re facing these days.

After winning a sixth straight home game, with Friday’s 6-3 NHL victory over the Nashville Predators the latest in that run, the Flames took to the friendly skies Sunday in anticipation of facing the Dallas Stars the next night, followed by games in Nashville and Columbus.

It’s a big road trip, with the chance to face a trio of clubs also in the muck of teams just outside the Western Conference’s elite eight by a few points.

The Flames have lost six straight road games, including one of those in overtime, and the most recent trip was that disastrous three-game set in Southern California.


Last we checked, all NHL rinks are 200 feet by 85 feet and the nets were always the same size everywhere.

For some reason, though, the Flames have been a tale of two teams depending on the location of the puck-drop.