The Kansas City Chiefs are being sued by five former players hoping to learn what the team knew about concussions, and when it was known. They are seeking undisclosed financial damages.

Kevin Porter, Joe Phillips, Louis Cooper, Chris Martin and Leonard Griffin are suing for damages related to brain injuries suffered during their National Football League careers. A copy of the lawsuit, which will be filed this afternoon in Jackson County circuit court, was obtained by The Star.

“I believe this does have an opportunity to shine a light on our most prized sport and the dangers, which is something that we would all prefer not to look at,” said Dirk Vandever, one of the plaintiffs’ lead attorneys.

A Chiefs spokesman said the team and league were aware of the lawsuit but had no comment.

The NFL recently agreed to settle what became known as the Concussion Case for $765 million, without admitting guilt or being required to reveal a timeline of the league’s knowledge about brain injuries.

The suit against the Chiefs does not name the NFL, and does not claim the team was doing anything negligent or dangerous that other teams weren’t doing, but Vandever is clear that part of the lawsuit’s motivation is to shine a light on what the league knew and when it was known.

“I believe this is a way to say to an individual team within the NFL, ‘What did you know, when did you know, and what did you do about it?’ ” Vandever said.

The lawsuit centers around two key factors, he said.