The level of optimism for fans of an NFL team usually reaches its peak right before the regular season is set to get underway. A close second for many are the unknowns and overall mystique of the off-season following an undesirable finish to a campaign.

For the 14th year in a row, that's where fans of the Buffalo Bills find themselves. The hope is that the front office will make the necessary moves to finally get the team over the hump in 2014, and that process starts even before any player reaches free agency or the draft comes around.

When a team goes into a complete roster overhaul in the first year of the regime with a new general manager and a coaching staff, usually there will be a little carry over from the previous regime. Once they get to their second full off-season, that's where the roster takes it's unique shape with however that duo wants to mold it.

The 2014 Buffalo Bills find themselves in that unique spot and there could be some interesting decisions heading their way. Sometimes, some major additions are by subtractions off the current roster.

In an NFL world where contracts aren't guaranteed, it makes parting ways with certain players under contract that much easier, with only slight monetary ramifications for most. When you see long-term deals signed, usually two or three years into the contract you'll see large roster bonuses that spur action for the teams. It's usually a case of either cutting your losses right then and there if a team didn't get the desired production, or they move on with that player on the roster.

The new league year starts in March, and the decisions on some players will need to be made beforehand. Which members of the Bills roster may be in jeopardy? Here are five to keep an eye on: