Cardinals coach Bruce Arians said Monday that wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald still must undergo several tests under the NFL's standard concussion protocol before he can be cleared to play, leaving his status for Sunday’s game at Seattle in question.

Fitzgerald's father tweeted earlier in the day that his son had passed tests, leading to some confusion.

rians explained.

"He passed whatever test he needed to pass to come out of the stadium,” Arians said, "but that’s still a long ways to go from being cleared."

But on his weekly Westwood One radio segment before Monday Night Football, Fitzgerald said he saw an independent neurologist on Monday who tested Fitzgerald to compare his score with the baseline test Fitzgerald took this spring. Baseline tests are used to ensure a person is at or near the same level of cognitive function they were before the head trauma occurred.

"Those tests came back positive," Fitzgerald said. "I was right where I needed to be. (Tuesday) I will see another independent neurologist to get another independent look, and at that point it'll be how I feel going through the week. But right now I'm feeling good, and I’m going to get some rest today, some rest tomorrow and get back to work for a big game against Seattle."

Fitzgerald was injured during an onside kick that led to the Titans' game-tying touchdown at the end of regulation in Arizona's 37-34 overtime win in Nashville. It looked like a penalty should have been called for helmet-to-helmet contact on Jackie Battle. That hit will likely result in a fine, but it could be far more costly for the Cardinals if Fitzgerald misses time.

Fitzgerald said he doesn't remember much about the play aside from watching the ball into his hands and then being helped off the field.

"I was a little out of it," he said. "Equilibrium was lost a bit but our training staff did an unbelievable job. [They] felt that it was in my best interests not to come back into the game. And I appreciate those guys looking out for my best interests because I really wanted to go back in."

His status for Sunday's game in Seattle won't be known until later in the week under the normal steps in the league's protocol.