Financially speaking, cornerback Cortland Finnegan was a free-agent bust. The Rams gave Finnegan a five-year deal for $50 million, and though he didn't get all of that loot, the contract did include $27 million in guarantees.

(Finnegan collected much of that $27 million, but frankly I'm uncertain of how much he received, exactly, because I couldn't find the contract terms as I wrote this late Wednesday.)

Finnegan didn't come close to being worth that. Finnegan lasted two seasons, but even that's misleading considering that he was able to play in only 23 of 32 games, and made only 21 starts. Finnegan was on the field for only 367 snaps in 2013, and no longer had the speed or fluidity to cover faster, bigger receivers.

According to Pro Football Focus, Finnegan was targeted 34 times in 2013, and quarterbacks connected for 26 completions and 353 yards. He was burned for four touchdowns, made one interception and allowed a hideous passer rating of 136.1 That included his work as a slot corner, where he gave up 19 completions in 24 attempts, three touchdowns, and a passer rating of 132.

Finnegan's decline actually began in 2012, when he faded terribly after an impressive start. Quarterbacks picked on Finnegan for 54 completions in 70 attempts over the Rams' final 10 games of 2012.

Add it all up, and over his final 17 games as a Ram, Finnegan was picked on for 80 completions in 104 attempts -- or 77 percent. I'm not trying to pile on here, but I'd think it would be close to impossible to play poorer pass coverage than that.