Pierre LeBrun of ESPN is hearing that changes in Vancouver could be “coming sooner rather than later with the Canucks, perhaps as soon as today or tomorrow.”

Gee, wonder why?

When the remaining fans in a dwindled, apathetic crowd muster up enough energy to spark a ‘FIRE GILLIS!” chant, something must be done. We’re literally a few notches of fan dissidence away from seeing Canucks jerseys hit the ice in protest. (And no, Canucks fans, that Messier jersey doesn’t count. Just because you never got around to burning it in effigy doesn’t mean it’s a suitable protest-jersey to throw at the game.)

So is that enough for Francesco Aquilini to make a change at the top? Or does he just call the John Tortorella hiring a mistakes and cut the losses ($8 million over the next four years)?