I've done a pretty good job of avoiding this subject because I really wanted to let it sink in and marinate a bit before I reacted. Besides, others have covered the topic very well and of course everyone is going to have their own (sometimes very vocal) opinions. This isn't directed to sway folks off those opinions, just to kind of put down my thoughts for the record and perhaps help others clarify their own positions (if needed). [end preamble]

Ray Allen left the Boston Celtics for less money to play with the Miami Heat, who happen to be the team that eliminated the Celtics in the past two years and won the NBA Championship this past year. Those are facts. They may be the last definitive facts you'll read in this article.

I've read many opinions and heard a few sports talk radio debates about this and it seems to boil down to two divergent viewpoints. There's the "he's a traitor!" side and the "he's gotta do what's right for himself" side. I don't technically disagree with either side but I have ...issues with each.

"He's a Traitor! Boooooooooo!"

It isn't just that Ray Allen left. It's that he left for the Miami Heat. THAT Miami Heat. He knows as much as anyone what his actions mean to his former teammates, franchise, and fans. He knows exactly what reaction he's going to get from the fans now. He knows how easily he could have picked ANY other team (ok, maybe not the Lakers) and he would have been patted on the back and given a bouquet of flowers on the way out of town. Hey may have still had an opportunity to have his jersey retired.

Instead he made it personal. He felt slighted by Danny Ainge and Rajon Rondo and the whole Celtics organization because he wasn't respected enough during his tenure or specifically his last year in Boston. He wasn't recruited hard enough or sent enough loving text messages or whatever. So he specifically stuck it to the Celtics.