It's all over but the crying, and there was a lot to get teary about in 2012-13 in Raptorland. The awful start surely bummed out much of the fan base and actual tears were shed in the locker room when Jose Calderon and Ed Davis learned they were headed elsewhere prior to the all-star break.

Post-mortem, it's time to reflect on a season that was supposed to be far more positive than it actually was. The Raptors finished up tied for ninth in the East -- as many predicted -- but they took an awfully bizarre route to get there, one which never made it seem they were really in the race for the playoffs, even though, on paper they were only a spot behind when things wrapped up.

Remember, my grades are based on what I expected of the player or staff member heading into the season:

Quincy Acy, B

A success story, that rare Raptors second round pick who looks like he belongs in the NBA and might be around for a while. Started off slowly and was sent down for a while, but played well upon his return. A strong offensive rebounder with some defensive upside.

Alan Anderson, C

Earned himself some money, but tried to do too much too often. Worked hard, defended and stayed ready. Shot selection could have been better.

Andrea Bargnani, F

Just a stunning disaster of a year at every level. From the injuries, to the passionless play. Following the best stretch of his career, Bargnani was either invisible or a liability when he actually took to the court. A change of scenery can't come fast enough for all involved.