Two years ago in Anaheim they didn't even let him take a swing.

A year ago in Phoenix, he filled left field with line drive singles, managing only one homer.

Defending two-time major-league home run champion Jose Bautista almost got it right in the annual State Farm Home Run Derby Monday night.

Prince Fielder of the Detroit Tigers beat Bautista 12-7 in the final before a soldout crowd of 40,351 fans at Arrowhead Stadium.

That means 14 of the previous 16 derby winners have been left-handed hitters.

Brian Abraham, the Jays' coordinator of advance scouting and video, threw to Bautista and after a slow start in the first round, Bautista signalled that he wanted to be jammed inside.

And he finished the first round as the best of the eight competitors with 11 homers, including six when he had one swing remaining.