It's easy to see why fans have been clamoring for the firing of the Houston Texans' first and only special teams coordinator. Most of the 2012 season was marred by poor special teams blocking, lousy coverage and TV remote-breaking penalties. Naturally, our reaction as fans is to hurl expletives at the man directly responsible for such frustration and call for his job. However, Joe Marciano has yet to be fired. The reasons for this become even more mind-boggling when we take a closer look at just one component of special teams: field position.

According to Football Outsiders, the Houston Texans have finished in the top-10 in average starting field position (LOS/DR) exactly one time -- in 2011, with a 30.36 average -- since 2006. Every other year since 2006 has seen the Texans ranked 15th or worse, including a league worst 25.8 average in 2010. That the Texans were the 4th best in converting possessions into touchdowns that year is a testament to the brilliance of Arian Foster's first year as a starter.

Let's look at defensive field position. The Texans ranked in the top-10 just twice in LOS/DR since 2006. Marciano's charges conceivably helped the defense in 2008 and 2009, with 29.04 (10th) and 26.83 (4th) LOS/DR, respectively. Otherwise, they have been near the bottom or mediocre in defensive field position every year of the Gary Kubiak era.