While we’re sitting here waiting for an announcement on whether the Hawks have fired coach Larry Drew, consider the possibility that there may not be an announcement.
If you’ve followed Chris Vivlamore's reporting here and here and here, there are a few things we know for certain about the Hawks’ situation:
• 1. General manager Danny Ferry has had a chance to work with Drew for over 10 months and one full season, he has been given 10 days to process his post-season thoughts and he still has not announced if Drew will be brought back. (Note: Drew's contract expires in June, so technically he wouldn't be fired if he's not back. But we're talking semantics.)
• 2. Ferry has told Drew he is going to interview other candidates.
• 3. Ferry has told Drew he is free to pursue other opportunities. The message: Go ahead, you’re not going behind my back, just like I’m not going behind yours.
This is like the pro sports version of an open marriage.
Ferry feels there's no reason to make any declaration about Drew until after he goes through the process of interviewing everybody he wants to interview. It's an unorthodox approach. Some might see it as disrespectful to Drew. But the counter argument to that is Ferry is being completely open with Drew. He has told him he wants to go through this process and speak to outside candidates. If Ferry had reached out to, say, Stan Van Gundy, while Drew was being left in the dark, THAT would be disrespectful.