Danny Ferry may have complete control of the NBA trading deadline.

Ferry is in his first season as general manager of the Atlanta Hawks, and perhaps no man in sports possesses more moveable pieces and parts.

And judging by Ferry's mega-deal weeks after taking the job, when he jettisoned Joe Johnson to Brooklyn, you have believe he has a little wheeling and dealing in his blood.

Plus, the Hawks haven't exactly been conquering the world lately, folks. They look more like a team that will make the playoffs — and that's it.

Ferry's chips start with power forward Josh Smith, a borderline All-Star with an expiring contract. Contenders (and pretenders) want the guy. They just have to figure out a way to get him.

That won't be easy. Ferry is asking for a lot in return.

But Smith isn't the Hawks' lone asset.

Swingmen Kyle Korver and Anthony Morrow, big men Zaza Pachulia and Anthony Tolliver, and guard Devin Harris also have expiring deals. Those are clear advantages when you're talking trade.

The deadline is less than three weeks away, and Ferry has been eyeing all possibilities. That makes him no different than any other GM. It's just that Ferry is the guy with all the power.

"We can and will get better," he told FOX Sports Ohio before the season.

Ferry conceded his roster isn't necessarily loaded with guys to make a Finals run, but they are guys who other teams really want.

It all starts with Smith. He reportedly has drawn serious interest from Phoenix.

But Dallas is another potential destination, as are Charlotte, Houston, New Orleans and Sacramento. The Kings, in particular, make sense because expiring deals are always appealing to new ownership groups that want to start fresh. The Kings also have plenty of rising talent that could tempt someone in Ferry's position.

That said, Ferry could just as easily sit tight and wait for the season to end. Just imagine the freed salary cap space if he did.

So yes, Ferry will take your call. And yes, he'll listen to your proposal. But no, he's not desperate. Far from it.