Felix Doubront remains the glorious maybe on the Red Sox pitching staff.

He has talent. Having turned 25 during this offseason, youth remains an ally. And while he was no different than any other member of last year’s Red Sox in that his season was a roller-coaster ride to nowhere, there were enough good days to make you think that, moving forward, there will be many, many more good days than bad.

He was 11-10 with a 4.86 ERA in 29 starts last year, allowing 162 hits in 161 innings. Had not the Red Sox’ 2012 season quickly dissolved into a badly written soap opera, we might be assembled here for a new spring wondering if this is bust-out time for the Venezuelan lefty.

Until Monday, when Red Sox legend Pedro Martinez arrived in camp, thus turning an otherwise quiet day into a Vegas extravaganza, Doubront had been gliding below the radar. Yes, it was pointed out that he looked to be out of shape. Yes, it was pointed out that he had some shoulder stiffness, prompting the Red Sox to hold him back from his first side session, which now is scheduled to take place today on one of the practice fields behind JetBlue Park.

But then Martinez spoke, and now Doubront is in the spotlight.

Pre-Pedro, the big spring training stories were the new manager, John Farrell, and the new book, in which former manager Terry Francona rips the ownership of the Red Sox. We’ve also had David Ortiz passively swiping at last year’s manager, Bobby Valentine, and don’t forget the news that the Fenway Park sellout streak is slated for an April demolition.

But Martinez didn’t merely work out with Doubront. He also pointed out that young, emerging big league pitchers have a responsibility to take care of themselves.