Former NFL quarterback Brett Favre told SiriusXM NFL Radio on Thursday that Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers will "shatter" his records.

Once among the most beloved players in Packers franchise history, Favre retired after the 2007 season, only to unretire that offseason, in July 2008. However, the Packers already had moved forward with Rodgers as their quarterback of the future. A rift developed between Favre and the organization, and the Packers eventually traded him to the New York Jets.

"I understood that they had a young quarterback who had tremendous potential, that they had to find out what he could do," Favre said Thursday on SiriusXM, according to "And, quite frankly, I had probably my best year in 16 years that past season, and there's two ways to look at that. If you're in the organization and you're making decisions you got to feel like, 'OK, he had a great year, but he's probably maxed out.' That's kind of what I would have been thinking. Now, obviously my side of it is, 'I think I still can play.' The way it went down was not the best of ways, and I think people have learned from it, and, again, I'm over it."

All parties have been moving toward a reconciliation, and that continued Thursday as Favre praised Rodgers.