Tyrone Corbin has spent the last 28 years playing and coaching in the NBA.

He witnessed an incident Saturday night during the Jazz’s 90-84 win over Memphis that he hasn’t previously seen.

"It was different … different," Corbin said.

With 9:23 left, the Grizzlies’ Marc Gasol scored from the lane, cutting Utah’s lead to 71-67. As he turned, Derrick Favors accidentally stepped on his heel and Gasol lost his shoe.

Gasol angrily motioned at the closest official, perhaps thinking Favors had intentionally flattened his tire.

Play continued, however, and Favors ended up driving to the basket on the ensuing possession. Gasol reached around and whacked him with his shoe. A non-shooting foul was called, and the Jazz inbounded.

"I didn’t know he had his shoe," Favors said. "I thought it was his hand or something."

Favors knew he had stepped on Gasol’s shoe, "but I didn’t do it on purpose. It just kind of happened. … I think he was mad at the refs because he didn’t have his shoe. I don’t know."

Corbin laughed when reminded of the incident prior to Sunday morning’s practice.

"I’ve never seen a shoe foul," he said. "I thought it might be a flagrant, but I guess they didn’t see it that way. He hit him pretty good with his shoe, though."