Kenny Stills, Sr., a former defensive back for the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings, is as proud as any father can be these days.

His son, Kenny Stills, Jr., is continuing in the family business he and his brother, Gary Stills, started in as NFL players -- sort of.

Kenny Stills, Jr., a standout receiver with the Oklahoma Sooners, was taken by the New Orleans Saints in the fifth round of last month's NFL draft. Gary Stills, an ex-linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens, and Kenny Stills, Sr. were both defensive players in the NFL.

That clearly won't be the NFL experience of Kenny Stills, Jr., who long ago took a different, and arguably not as physical, a path, which has sometimes spawned some good-natured teasing from his dad.

"He was playing defense and I think he decided he wanted to score touchdowns instead of hit people. And he's a mamma's boy and that's who plays on offense, those mamma's boys," the elder Stills said as he laughed. "Daddy's boys are on defense."

But a daddy's boy is exactly what Kenny Stills, Jr. was, especially as a young kid growing up around his father. While other fathers and sons may have gone fishing or talked about girls, the Stills' duo discussed press coverages and how to beat them.

Kenny, Sr. had long since left football but admits he still enjoyed challenging his son in the game, while allowing him to learn the business through the stories that he and other ex-NFL friends freely shared around the household.