For some reason, Carmelo Anthony had been fasting for 15 days. During that time he ate no meat. No cheese. No Honey-Nut Cheerios. No nothing.

Anthony said he did it for "clarity," whatever that means. Did his fast factor into his post-Celtics game rage when he tried several times to get at Kevin Garnett? That's a legitimate question. But what we do know is that the fast ended Sunday night, after the Knicks had a little bon voyage party at the expense of the anemic New Orleans Hornets.

"I'm going out to eat the biggest steak I can find," Anthony said before departing the locker room.

He should have taken Anthony Davis with him. The kid could use a good meal.

Before setting their sights on a trip to London Monday night, the Knicks had their first matchup with the Hornets' prized rookie and No. 1 overall pick from last June. Davis is all skin and bones and great potential and it showed when the Knicks broke their first three-game losing streak of the Mike Woodson era with a 100-87 win at the Garden.

He missed the first game against the Knicks early in the season with an ankle injury. On Sunday, as the Knicks remembered to play some defense, the Hornets played their first day game of the season. If their body clocks were still on Big Easy time, on the opener of their three-game trip, it was only 11 a.m. back home, not a good time to play an NBA game.

In his Garden debut, Davis finished with 13 points and eight rebounds in 33 minutes. Not a bad day, by any means. But the sellout crowd didn't leave buzzing about Davis, who had almost no impact on the game. He merely provided more evidence that he spent just one season at Kentucky and didn't come into the NBA with a ready-made pro body.

"He's a little frail," Tyson Chandler said. "For him to get bigger, that's going to take some time. He not very big down at his hips."

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