David Ortiz can't believe it has been a year.

"It went fast" he said. "It seems like it happened yesterday."

Ortiz is referring of course to the Red Sox-Dodgers megatrade which was finalized on Aug. 25 of last year. Coincidentally the Sox will be at Dodger Stadium on Sunday night to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the deal which couldn't be working out better for both teams. While Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford have led the Dodgers to 45 wins in their last 55 games and first place in the NL West the Red Sox used the $250 million in salary relief and remade their roster into a pennant contender.

"I remember talking to (Dodgers GM) Ned (Colletti) at the time and obviously as we got closer to it we knew it was a bit one and the scope of it was large" Sox GM Ben Cherington recalled. "I remember having the conversation and it was like 'Hopefully this really helps both of us.' That was the intent. It looks like it has for them and hopefully it has for us. At the time you make trades nowadays I don't think teams go into it hoping or expecting to win deals in the classic sense. Everybody's got smart people working for them. Everbody knows the value of players. I think trades are much more about helping your particular circumstance than they are about beating the other side. Obviously some work out better than others."

Much more from Cherington on the trade in Friday's Herald and throughout the weekend here at Clubhouse Insider.

Meanwhile Ortiz said he's eager to see Gonzalez Crawford Josh Beckett and Nick Punto this weekend.

"They're my boys" Ortiz said. "It will be cool to see my boys out there. It's just one of those situations where they made decisions and as an employee you have to deal with it. But I tell you what the way they’re playing it tells you things have gotten better over there. Things have gotten better over here. They’re making the GMs look like geniuses."

John Farrell was managing the Blue Jays at the time of the deal but from a distance he was impressed with what Cherington was able to accomplish.