Peyton Manning will make his way back to Indianapolis for the first time as an opposing player. This should have been a big enough story-line but Jim Irsay decided to spice things up and question one of the greatest quarterbacks in recent times ability to close out a season and win when it counts. Why do people like to poke a hornets nest when they've already seen what it can do to others? In any case it should be an interesting week in fantasy land with lots to consider including some key injuries and matchups.

02:06pm EST | Oct 16
Peyton Manning Returns to Indianapolis 

The Jags put up a good fight against the Broncos in week 6, forcing two fumbles and an interception, holding Manning to only 295 yards, his worst outing of the year if you could call it that. Let’s be honest here, he still threw for two touchdowns and Knowshon Moreno’s three touchdowns could easily have been Manning’s if he wanted them. Sometimes he just wants to share the love. 

This week is different. This week he returns to the city he called home for 160 games, 1 Superbowl ring and 4 MVP seasons. He’ll be spreading the love again, but expect it to be through the air and into the hands of Welker, D. Thomas, J. Thomas, Decker and whoever else he feels like. With Jim Irsay’s recent comments questioning Manning’s abilities late in the season, he’ll have a point to prove. I feel bad for the Colts defense this week. Really, really bad.  

02:06pm EST | Oct 16
Poor Performances in Week 6

It wasn’t just limited to the running backs last week. We saw Jimmy Graham shutdown by Aqib Talib and Devin McCourty and ultimately left the game early with no catches. Ray Rice totaled 34 rushing yards, Doug Martin a meager 67 yards rushing and Trend Richardson with only 40. Top wide receivers were missing in action as well with Dwayne Bowe, Eric Decker, Victor Cruz, Demaryius Thomas and Andre Johnson all producing less than 10 fantasy points. Then there were members of the wide receiver elite Dez Bryant and Calvin Johnson who put up 3 and 2 fantasy points respectively, not even close to their expected output. 
But as we have seen time and time again, poor performances from top guys usually result in bounce back weeks, specifically for Bryant and Jonson (if healthy) who have favorable matchups in the Eagles and the Bengals for week 7. 

02:06pm EST | Oct 16
Brandon Weeden, what were you thinking?

Unless you’re in a really big league or one where you can start multiple quarterbacks, I hope Weeden was not in your starting lineup. If he was, than late in the game against Detroit, you saw him do this:

This was dumb for a number of reasons; most importantly that it was only first down. Get out of the pocket and throw it out of bounds. Trying to be a hero made you look like a jackass and cost your team the game. Bravo Weeden, bravo. 

02:05pm EST | Oct 16
Injury Concerns: Week 7

Running Backs
DeMarco Murray – Knee – Doubtful
Marshawn Lynch – Ankle/Hip – Probable
Brandon Jacobs – Hamstring - Questionable
Bilal Powell – Shoulder - Questionable
Ryan Mathews – Concussion – Probable
Alfred Morris – Ribs – Probable
Mike Goodson – Knee - Out

Wide Receivers
Randall Cobb – Leg – Out
Calvin Johnson – Knee – Questionable
Justin Blackmon – Groin/Hamstring - Questionable
Larry Fitzgerald – Hamstring – Questionable
Andre Johnson – Shin – Probable
James Jones – Knee - Questionable

Thad Lewis – Foot – Questionable
Matt Schaub – Lower Leg - Questionable
Blaine Gabbert – Hamstring – Questionable
Michael Vick – Hamstring – Probable

Tight Ends
Jimmy Graham – Foot – BYE
Rob Housler – Ankle – Questionable
Greg Olsen – Foot - Questionable

02:01pm EST | Oct 16
Favorable Matchups

Adrian Peterson @ New York Giants

Let’s face it, AP usually has a favorable matchup against any team he faces. Given what he has gone through in the last couple of weeks with the death of his son, it was understandable to see him have a poor outing in week 6. The Giants are letting teams run all over them without much pressure so AP should bounce back and have a big week if he really wants to. 

Eddie Lacy VS Cleveland Browns

With James Jones doubtful and Randall Cobb out for a significant amount of time, Rodgers will only have Jordy Nelson and Jermichael Finley to target. The good news is that Eddie Lacy is healthy and the Browns are weak against the run (20th in the league for fantasy defense against running backs). Lacy should have plenty of touches and may be more involved with the passing game now with all the injuries. An easy flex or possible RB2 start this week. 

Reggie Wayne VS Denver Broncos

We know Peyton has a lot to prove, but so do Andrew Luck and Reggie Wayne. The Broncos know how to score touchdowns, but there defense has allowed the opposition plenty of receiving touchdowns as well, making them the 3rd worst fantasy receiving defense in the league. Wayne will want to prove he doesn’t need Peyton to be a top tier receiver (though having Luck throw to you isn’t really a big step down) so he should be in for a big game this week, even if it comes in garbage time like we’ve seen in recent weeks. 

02:01pm EST | Oct 16
Unfavorable Matchups

Andre Johnson @ Kansas City Chiefs

Given the uncertainty of the Texans' QB situation and the certainty of the Chiefs' excellent pass rush that has been disrupting planned routes all season, Johnson is in for a rough day. He still hasn’t found the end zone this season and it doesn’t look likely to happen in week 7 either. He is also suffering from a shin injury to top it all off. He might even be worth a sit this week if you have someone capable in his place.

Le’Veon Bell VS Baltimore Ravens

Bell has shown glimpses of big potential, but glimpses do not make a fantasy star. Baltimore boasts the top fantasy run defense this season and should have no problem shutting down the first year back. He would be a flex starter this week at best if you have no other options. Let’s hope he breaks out of his TD-or-Bust routine soon with some real yardage, but don’t expect it in week 7. 

Joe Flacco @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Baltimore has a good defense and a poor offense which has seen Flacco struggle as the defending Superbowl Champ and MVP and most importantly, the winner of a massive multi-million dollar contract. He’s in tough this week against the 3rd best defense against the pass in fantasy as the Steelers have held opposing teams to under 300 yards in every game this season. With limited receiving options and the disappearance of Ray Rice and the run game, the predictable Flacco deep throw won’t work against this defense either.