In his quest to become 100 percent healthy from a high right ankle sprain Falcons wide receiver Roddy White suffered a set back after playing extensively against New England.

He played his most action of the season against New England. He played 74 of 76 (97 percent) of the offensive snaps.

“Yeah and I learned a very valuable lesson from that” White said. “I ain’t where I need to be yet.”
Asked if he was 100 percent White said “I don’t know. I’ll tell you after the bye week.”

White who's posted six consecutive 1000-yard seasons has just 10 catches for 84 yards and no touchdowns this season. He suffered the high ankle sprain against the Baltimore Ravens on Aug. 15.
He played 37 of 56 (66 percent) of the offensive snaps against New Orleans. He played 34 of 64 (53 percent) of the snaps against the Rams. He played 47 of 71 (66%) of the snaps against Miami.