Going into the 2012 season, Atlanta Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez was 95 percent sure he was going to retire. Then he was 97 percent sure. After that, only people with advanced calculous degrees knew how sure he was.

Eventually though, Gonzalez decided 2012 wouldn't be his final season, but he promises 2013 will.

In an interview with the NFL Network on Wednesday, Gonzalez was asked if 2013 would be his final year in the NFL, "Without a doubt, yes. Without question," Gonzalez said. "I told everybody I was going to retire last year and I really meant that when I was saying that last year."

Even though Gonzalez said he was going to retire after the 2012 season, he didn't and the Falcons have Gonzalez's 12-year-old son to thank for that.

"When I went home, I was able to talk to my family and my close circle -- specifically my son Nico -- he was the reason I was going to retire anyway, he lives out in LA with his mom, he doesn't live with me during the season, so I wanted to spend more time with him," Gonzalez said. "[Nico] said, 'you know what dad, you guys have a great team, I think you should go out and try it one more time.' And after he said that, with everything that fell into place, with the type of team we're going to have... it was kind of a no-brainer."