There are many moves to be made between now and August that will undoubtedly chew up most of the Atlanta Falcons' cap space. Right now, though, they look to be in great shape, with the potential to free up more money.

Scott Carasik at Bleacher Report put together a breakdown of cap space by position and for the overall Falcons' team, which is a highly recommended read, particularly for those of you who love cap minutiae. For the rest of the us, the relevant number is the team's estimated current cap space, which Carasik figures is a little north of $16.5 million. The Falcons can lock up their draft class and sign a couple of quality free agents for that money, at minimum.

Some of this space will be chewed up by re-signing players like Corey Peters and Robert McClain, if the Falcons choose to retain their own free agents. Still more can be freed up by cutting ties with the Asante Samuels of this time, veterans who make a fair amount of money but are no longer part of the Falcons' plans going forward. When the Falcons hit free agency, it's not outlandish to suggest that they could have $20 million in free money. Given the real holes on both lines, that's a blessing.