Martin Erat's shootout move didn't come from a scouting tape. The coaching staff also didn't tell Erat to shoot high on Blues goaltender Jaroslav Halak's glove side.

Instead, Erat's choice to fire the puck over Halak's mitt came from a gut feeling.

"I've been in this league a long time and I know the goalies," Erat said. "It's better to go with your instincts. You see what's going on on the ice, you see how the goalie plays and, I just tried to go with my instincts."

Earlier in the game, Halak stopped Erat on a breakaway. On that play, Erat tried to slip the puck under Halak with his backhand.

"On the breakaway, the puck kind of stood up on me and I couldn't do what I wanted to do and in the end I tried to go between the legs and he read it right," Erat said. "In the shootout you have lots of time to see what the goalie does and he dropped the glove and I tried to go high glove."