He’s not the best Celtic. He played just 36 NBA minutes this past season, and there’s no guarantee he’ll find any playing time next season either. Yet most of the questions regarding an individual on the C’s roster from other clubs to a reporter at the pre-draft workouts were about Fab Melo.

After averaging 9.8 points, 6.0 rebounds and 3.1 blocked shots in the D-League for the Maine Red Claws, the 7-footer has become rather intriguing to the league. And, judging from the conversations, there is apparently word on the NBA street that Celtics coach Doc Rivers is not a major Melo fan.

Danny Ainge claims that’s not necessarily true. The president of basketball operations then looked ahead to Melo’s next games for the Celts, which would come in July at the Orlando summer league.

“Doc will be watching closely,” Ainge said. “He’s really only seen him in practice, and he got very few reps there. Doc wasn’t at the D-League games when Fab was getting 32 points and 17 rebounds and eight blocked shots or whatever it was (Melo’s highs were 32, 16 and 14, respectively). But Fab has to be consistent, and it’s Fab’s job to make an impression on Doc. He hasn’t had a lot of opportunities yet, but, listen, there’s a lot of guys that fit that.”

For his part, Ainge seems more than satisfied with Melo’s development.

“Fab has really improved, and I think our guys have done a really good job with him,” Ainge said. “I’m excited to see his progress in summer league. He’s really put in the work. He put in a week of work (at the Celtics facility in Waltham) after the season ended, and then he finally took a couple of weeks off to go to Brazil. He’s anxious to get back now.