The Celtics, now with 11 games that have gone into overtime, in addition to 16 overtime periods, lead the NBA in terms of sheer extra work.

Though they extended their OT record to 7-4 with last night’s 107-102 win over Atlanta, it’s not necessarily the kind of grind they want.

“It’s not good to play so many overtimes, but the great thing is that we’re winning,” said Jeff Green.

Avery Bradley, asked about the above numbers, laughed.

“I can believe that,” said the Celtics guard. “We go to overtime dang near every week. It’s just all will. We don’t give up. It just shows that we don’t give up and stay fighting. And we have some playmakers, man, like the plays that Paul (Pierce) made tonight, and Jeff made tonight. Every little play was big tonight.”

The opponent considered, though, the Celtics may believe there is no other way to play against the Hawks.