Near the end of every practice for the last couple of weeks, Alonzo Gee has been working on a new shooting drill that seems to be working.

Gee and the coaches have decided he has been too upright on offense for most of the season, so he’s trying harder to start lower on offense in order to get his shot off quicker. In order to do that, he and assistant coach Jamahl Mosley have created a drill that starts with Gee already low in a crouch when Mosley passes him the ball. Then Gee turns to the basket and releases.

“He’s more ‘shot ready,’ ” coach Byron Scott said. “When he’s catching low, he can go right up into his shot instead of catching and now going low and getting into his shot. He’s taken that one second out of it and that’s been big for him lately and he’s gotten used to it pretty quickly, which is kind of unusual.”