Big men. Big power. And big problems when all those big parts are not moving in the same direction.

The home runs are more majestic when a big, tall slugger crushes the baseball — and Aaron Judge is living that life now, beginning Thursday as the major league’s leader in home runs (13), and tied for the AL lead in RBIs (27), a kinetic-motion MLB marvel.

Judge is 6-foot-7, 282 pounds, and has given new meaning to the term huge hit. But it’s not just the style in which he is bashing baseballs, shattering flat screen TVs and setting rookie records, Judge is a hitter who uses all fields as well.

There is power and precision.

If he continues to take that approach, he will continue to succeed. There is a rather small list of big success for sluggers 6-6 or taller, putting up 100-plus home runs with ex-Yankee Dave Winfield at the top of the mountain with 465 home runs. In all, eight players 6-6 or taller have topped 100 career homers, according to the Elias Sports Bureau.

Ex-Yankee and ex-Met Tony Clark is on the list, too, with 251 home runs, and Clark, 6-7, 245, did it as a switch hitter, so he had to keep a big swing together from both sides of the plate making it that much more difficult.