A quarterback takes the snap.

He moves seven steps backward, reading through his progression. The go route? No. The out route? No. To his left, a wide receiver runs a post corner, and it looks good. The quarterback turns to his right and gives a short pump fake, briefly drawing away the single-high safety. He glimpses back to his left and —


"There's nothing worse than getting blindsided," Lane Johnson said. "Ain't nothing worse."

More than most offensive lineman, he would know.

The former Oklahoma tackle had a strong week of practice at the Senior Bowl, reinforcing his projected first-round selection in April's draft. He began college as a quarterback, one part of an interesting journey to the NFL.

Johnson's collegiate career ended Jan. 4 at the Cotton Bowl.

On the fifth, he was at his wedding rehearsal.

On the sixth, in a church before family and friends, he married Chelsea Goodman. The two met at Oklahoma, where she was a jumper on the school's track and field team. She is also the daughter of John Goodman, a former Sooners defensive end whom the Steelers drafted in 1980 during the second round.

On the seventh, Johnson left for Phoenix to begin his NFL training.

"I wanted to get married before this whole process started," Johnson said. "This is my honeymoon right here. I'm trying to enjoy it as much as I can."