More legal documents in the sensational Aaron Hernandez murder case will be made public tomorrow afternoon after affidavits released by Bristol Conn. police allege the jailed former tight end gunned down a defenseless semi-pro football player after the men got out of a car to “urinate.”

Meanwhile a probable cause hearing in Attleboro District Court was delayed today until Aug. 22 in the ex Patriot player’s case to give the prosecution more time. Prosecutors said today they are still presenting evidence to a grand jury.

Hernandez has pleaded not guilty to murder in the death of Odin L. Lloyd a 27-year-old semi-professional football player from Dorchester.

Lloyd had been shot five times his body left in an industrial park less than a mile from the disgraced former NFL player’s mini-mansion. A jogger found his body June 17.

Hernandez attorney James Sultan objected to the delay today saying his client has been jailed for four weeks and did not flee before his arrest.

Hernandez appeared in court wearing a well-made navy blue suit but no necktie. He appeared to be closely following the various legal arguments put forth by the handful of attorneys representing him.

He also made frequent eye contact with his girlfriend Shayanna Jenkins who left court without speaking to the press.

In other documents released Bristol Conn. police allege Hernandez pulled the trigger and killed Lloyd.

Accused associate Carlos Ortiz the documents state said he was in a rented car with Hernandez Lloyd and another accused accomplice Ernest Wallace as they all drove to North Attleboro in the early morning hours of June 17.

“Ortiz added that he fell asleep on the ride back” the police affidavit states. “He stated he awoke when the vehicle stopped and observed Mr. Hernandez Mr. Wallace and Mr. Lloyd exit the vehicle to urinate. Mr. Ortiz explained that he then heard gunshots. He added Mr. Hernandez and Mr. Wallace got back into the vehicle without Mr. Lloyd and the vehicle fled.”

The police later write: “Mr. Ortiz stated that Mr. Wallace told him (back in Bristol) that Mr. Hernandez admitted to shooting Mr. Lloyd.” Bristol police also write the suspected murder weapon — a .45-caliber gun — has not been found. Yet police Lloyd’s injuries are “consistent” with such a caliber weapon.

Prosecutor William McCauley said evidence already obtained in the case includes boxes of ammunition found at a Franklin condominium Hernandez leased and a magazine clip for a .45-caliber Glock in a Hummer registered to him. The box had Hernandez’s fingerprints on it he added.

Hernandez defense lawyer Charles Rankin insisted his client is innocent.

“We are extremely upset that the commonwealth is not prepared to go forward today” he told reporters outside Attleboro District Court. “and we’re confident that when that opportunity finally comes Aaron is going to be exonerated. He’s now been in jail for 28 days without any chance for his lawyers to question a single witness to examine any documents to go forward with a hearing.

“And when witnesses have to testify we’re confident that a jury of Aaron’s peers will find that he’s not guilty and in fact had no part in the killing of Odin Lloyd” Rankin added.