Provided a choice, Curtis Granderson would continue to dig his cleats into the most sacred patch of baseball grass in the universe: center field at Yankee Stadium.

Yet, there is a very strong chance that left fielder Brett Gardner will trade places with Granderson, because manager Joe Girardi is going to experiment with the new alignment in the exhibition season that opens tomorrow.

Girardi said he is “toying’’ with making the switch to see if the outfield defense is better with Granderson in left and Gardner, a former center fielder who is faster than Granderson and throws better, in center.

While it’s not in Granderson’s nature to rant and rave about being moved, he clearly would prefer to remain in the middle of the outfield.

“I would love to play center, that’s where I have been playing,’’ Granderson said yesterday after a workout at George M. Steinbrenner Field in which he took fly balls in left and spent a round of batting practice in the position. Gardner did the same in center. “At the same time I want to play. No matter where that happens to be, that’s where I want to be at. I am playing. If I get benched, that’s a different story.’’

The talk of switching Granderson and Gardner had been in the air a while, so Granderson went to Girardi to see what the plan was.

“I wanted to know what was going on,’’ said Granderson, who has played 1,090 games in center field and 13 in left. He hasn’t played left since 2007 when he appeared in one game there. “I wanted to make sure [Girardi] and I are on the same page. He said the decision would be made soon and it’s not anything final. It’s something that we are going to try out and see how it goes.’’

Girardi says he is simply taking a look at the switch to see if it improves the Yankees’ defense. What he won’t say is that he noticed a drop in Granderson’s ability to play center field. If Girardi hadn’t seen a decline, why even toy with it after watching Granderson play center for the prior three seasons?

While others may disagree, Granderson believes he hasn’t deteriorated in the field.