Retired New England offensive tackle Matt Light has responded to Marshall Faulk's opinion that the Rams were "cheated" in their 20-17 loss to New England in Super Bowl 36.

As he made the rounds on Radio Row at Super Bowl 47, Light mostly took a diplomatic approach in responding to Faulk's claims. But on my 101.1 ESPN radio show, he said Faulk's remarks show "a lot of disrespect."

"We lost two games horribly," Light said. referring to the Patriots' Super Bowl losses to the New York Giants. "And I wouldn't look at those games and say anything other than we missed our opportunity. We didn't get it done. And it didn't have anything to do with anyone else.

"Honestly to hear a comment like (Faulk's), it's disappointing to me, that a guy like Marshall — who has had such an incredible career and what he's done post-football and all of the things that he stands for — would continue to go back to something like this. It shows a lot of disrespect from a guy that I've had a lot of respect for. And an organization that has dome as much to promote this game, and this league, as anybody else. From that standpoint, it's disappointing.

"I understand what it's like to lose a Super Bowl, and how you can have some ideas in your mind and other people can say things and you can get caught up in those. But ultimately when you look at it there's no mistaking the dedication, the time, and all the effort that's put into it by Bill (Belichick) and his staff and organization — what we did, we're very proud of."