Jose Reyes wants to move on from his bizarre, one year stint with the Marlins.

“I feel like I’m home here,” he said, in his Blue Jays cap, yesterday at George M. Steinbrenner Field. “It’s good.”

But the former Mets star isn’t about to have his integrity challenged by his former boss, Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria.

The shortstop responded pointedly toLoria’s comments, made this week, that he never urged Reyes to buy a house in South Florida and that he gave Reyes’s camp a headsup about the trade to Toronto. In fact, Reyes said, he and his family had found a house in the Coconut Grove area of Miami and agreed on a price.

Loria, Reyes said, repeatedly asked both him and his agent, Peter Greenberg, when Reyes — who still owns a house on Long Island — would settle down in the Miami area. He even did it, Reyes reiterated, at a charity dinner in Manhattan just days before the trade.

“He did it during the season, too: ‘Tell Jose to get a nice place in Miami, a good house,’ ” Reyes said. “He always told me that, me and Peter. I don’t know why he said he didn’t say that.” Reyes continued: “You can ask Peter if I’m a liar. Two people are better than one.I don’t have to lie about that. He traded me, that’s fine with me. Just be real with me. Be honest. Don’t tell me to buy a house and get a nice place for my family and stuff when you [know] you’re going to trade me. Why [did] you do that?”

As for Loria’s contention he gave Greenberg an advance warning about the trade, “No. Peter didn’tknow that [Loria] was going o trade me. That’s a lie,” Reyes said. “Nobody knew. So I don’t know where that came from. You guys can talk to Peter and ask Peter. That trade took everybody by surprise. I was on vacation. Peter wasn’t even the one to tell me I got traded.”