The lessons J.J. Barea learned in Dallas continue to serve him well in his post-Maverick life.

The little point guard has embraced the sixth-man role with the Minnesota Timberwolves, proving that he took good notes in those seasons when he was watching Jason Terry do that job with the Mavericks.

“Somebody told me last week I struggled the whole game and in the fourth quarter, I had a good one,” Barea said Sunday night. “I told them I learned from Jet. He used to do that twice a week. He’d get so fired up for the fourth quarter and knock down shots. I learned from that.”

Barea has averaged 11.2 points this season in 52 games. He has started only two.

“Jet was the best I’ve ever seen at it,” Barea said of the sixth-man role. “I just watched the way he warmed up, the way he came into the game aggressive. He was great to me. He took care of me as a rookie and then we became best friends. It was awesome.”

Mavericks’ coach Rick Carlisle, meanwhile, said Barea’s impact is always going to be strong because of the way he plays.

“No one should worry about Barea,” Carlisle said. “He’s an attacker, a fighter. None of that’s going to change.”