The rehabilitation of Mike Tannenbaum's image began here yesterday with a full media blitz.

The former Jets general manager spoke to reporters for the first time since the team fired him on Dec. 31, doing several radio, print and Internet interviews, trying to repair his reputation. Tannenbaum hopes to find a job in the NFL again, but it will be challenging considering the state he left the Jets in.

Tannenbaum obviously disagrees with the picture that has been painted of the Jets' roster and salary-cap situation. The team hired John Idzik to replace him, and many around the league believe he faces a monumental task in cleaning up Tannenbaum's mess.

"The future for the Jets is bright," Tannenbaum said. "There are a lot of good young players. ... From a salary-cap standpoint, we had a plan in place. John's a really smart guy, dealt with the cap, I'm sure he's going to take my plan and tweak it and put his own views on it, but that plan will be played out over the next few weeks."